Little engine's wine club

The Little Engine Wine Club offers priority access to new releases and small lot member only wines. The options are endless; we welcome our members to customize orders or we can deliver your past favourites. Members also receive invitations to special club only events and access to limited production wines.

To start your membership requires choosing one of four packages below that will be delivered once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Following your selection, your membership is validated with an initial 6 bottle purchase.*

Members may customize all orders by simply calling our wine shop or emailing

To initiate your membership, please select a package from below.

Questions? Email us at


Six Bottles: 5 Silver & 1 Gold and/or French Family Release. $230.00 (Shipped 2x/yr.)

Twelve Bottles: 10 Silver & 2 Gold and /or French Family Release. $460.00 (Shipped 2x/yr.)

Six Bottles: 3 Gold & 3 Platinum. $420.00 (Shipped 2x/yr.)

Twelve Bottles: 6 Gold & 6 Platinum. $840.00 (Shipped 2x/yr)



Upon sign up, members will be shipped the most recent shipment. Each new member will have one week to request any customization before their credit card is charged.  When a new member registers within 60 days of the next shipping date, their qualification shipment is the upcoming shipment, sent at the time of release.

For future shipments, members will receive a pre-shipping notice & customization welcome by e-mail one weeks prior to the shipping date. Member’s credit cards will be charged within a week of shipping date.