Steven & Nicole French - Proprietors

Steven and Nicole met at the University of Western Ontario and upon graduation moved to Calgary where they spent twenty years, Nicole as a teacher and Steven in oil and gas.

Successful entrepreneurs with an inherent family motto of will and determination it was their desire to create that beckoned them to an industry steeped in creativity. They purchased their first vineyard site in 2011 with the foresight of combining their love for both wine and the rich tradition and culture of winemaking into a brand that would deliver excellence without compromise, the Little Engine brand.

Their family motto: "Dreams don't come true, dreams are made true."


Scott Robinson - Winemaker

A winemaker who believes a wine should speak for itself. His element is the cellar and vineyard. An artist with wine, his canvas begins to show colours as he works through the entire spectrum from veraison, to harvest, from crush to barrel and ultimately to bottle. Scott becomes animated when he is sharing his wine and wine making knowledge. A masters in Oenology with Distinction from the University of Adelaide led to multiple vintages in New Zealand, Australia and the Okanagan. A continuous researcher and teacher, Scott furthers the industry’s growth as a Winemaking instructor at the Okanagan College and serves on the BC Wine Grape Council Research & Development Committee.


(mathijs) rademakers - Viticulture

Matt is the type of person who thrives in an outdoor environment. His viticulture career began in 2003 in Wanaka, New Zealand. Arriving in Canada the following year he worked throughout the Okanagan and Vancouver Island before calling the bench his home.

While completing the Viticulture program at the Okanagan College he quickly worked his way up to Vineyard Manager managing vineyards in excess of 135 acres. His drive to manage a small vineyard dedicated to employing the right practices is what drew Matt to Little Engine.

 Matt's philosophy is consistent: no matter the size, all vineyards require understanding, and dedication to produce wine of exceptional quality.


Gilbert & olive - Gopher Control