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NEW - Fortified N.V.

NEW - Fortified N.V.

With concentrated cooper and caramel hues this wine is opulent and rich with an aromatic nose.  Reminiscent of butter tarts, raisins, caramelized sugar and baking spices. The tannins balance the sweetness for a dry, lingering finish.

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Non Vintage
Naramata Bench
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Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes
The grapes are treated like a red variety with plenty of bunch exposure early in the growing season to ensure adequate airflow and phenolic development. The grapes are left on the vine until a high degree of ripeness and sugar content is reached.
Production Notes
Hand harvested and de-stemmed into one-tonne fermenters to encourage a high percentage of whole berries. After a few days cold soak, the musts are gradually warmed up to initiate a directed start to fermentation. Hand plunging is used to keep the cap moist and ensure colour and tannin extraction. The fermentation temperatures are maintained cool early in ferment and at the calculated sugar level, the must is fortified with locally produced neutral Brandy spirit in order to stop the fermentation. Plunging is increased and temperature elevated to aid in phenolic extraction. The wines are drained and pressed when the appropriate tannin levels have been reached. The total maceration time is about 3 weeks.
Winemaker Notes
The wine is stored in neutral barrels and a solera system has been created.