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To initiate your membership, please select a package from below.

Little Engine Wines requires a member initiation purchase of 6 bottles.

Questions? Email us at kari@littleenginewines.com.

 Membership Options:

Six Bottles: 5 Silver & 1 Gold and/or French Family Release. $230.00 (Shipped 2x/yr.)

Twelve Bottles: 10 Silver & 2 Gold and /or French Family Release. $460.00 (Shipped 2x/yr.)

Six Bottles: 3 Gold & 3 Platinum. $420.00 (Shipped 2x/yr.)

Twelve Bottles: 6 Gold & 6 Platinum. $840.00 (Shipped 2x/yr)



Upon sign up, members will be shipped the most recent shipment. Each new member will have one week to request any customization before their credit card is charged.  When a new member registers within 60 days of the next shipping date, their qualification shipment is the upcoming shipment, sent at the time of release.

For future shipments, members will receive a pre-shipping notice & customization welcome by e-mail one weeks prior to the shipping date. Member’s credit cards will be charged within a week of shipping date.