Looking for Little Engine Wines in your area? We will have a list available for you soon. Until then, contact the appropriate representative below.


Little Engine Wine is available for purchase directly from the winery, or distributed by these fine agencies across Canada. For sales in your area please contact the applicable contact below.

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British Columbia: Shannon eert

Market: Vancouver, Vancouver Island & Whistler (Restaurants & Retail)

Contact: Shannon Eert (Brand Ambassador) | 604.767.0420 | shannon@littleenginewines.com

Market: Okanagan valley & b.c. Interior (restaurants & retail)

Contact: Nicole French (Proprietor) | 604.493.0033 | nicole@littleenginewines.com


alberta: deanna carloni

Market: Alberta (Restaurants & Retail)

Contact: Deanna Carloni (Brand Manager) | 250.809.6917 | deanna@littleenginewines.com


Quebec: Il vigneto

Market: Quebec

Contact: Mathew Foulidis | 514-209-8607 | info@ilvigneto.ca