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Christmas Wine Package

No festive dinner is complete without world class Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot. This is an exclusive offer for our Cellar Club members.

2018 Gold Chardonnay

Pairs perfectly with poultry, fish or seafood, cream based sauces or soups. 
Try something different: how about a Chardonnay Brunch? It pairs well with eggs, hollandaise sauce or quiche.

2018 Gold Pinot Noir

Turkey, stuffing, pork, ham or duck dishes. It is also a companion to tricky vegetables like brussel sprouts and asparagus. 
Try something different: a classic beef bourguignon is a savoury meal to enjoy on a cold winters day. Pinot Noir is a critical ingredient and perfect pair to this hearty dish.

2018 Gold Merlot

A perfect pairing for beef or pork dishes and any kind of chocolate dessert.
Try something different: indulge with chocolate crinkle cookies and Merlot. Sorry Santa, we won’t be sharing!

Members enjoy 10% off these wines.
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Christmas Wine Package

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